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Divorce & Family Law Attorney in Elmira, NY

The law office of Nancy M. Eraca, Esq. in Elmira, NY provides experienced legal representation for clients going through divorce proceedings, custody disputes and other cases relating to family law. Nancy has over 28 years of experience with helping clients throughout Elmira, Elmira Heights, Horseheads, Watkins Glen, Corning and the surrounding area get a fair outcome in many different legal cases.

Ever since she started representing clients in family law cases as Chief Public Defender for Chemung County in 2006, Nancy has had extensive experience with working on divorce cases, child custody and visitation hearings, child support proceedings, restraining orders and many other kinds of family law cases. Not only does she have the comprehensive knowledge of family law in New York to answer any questions you have about your rights and how to best proceed with your case, but also the compassion needed to defuse emotionally stressful situations for each and every client, no matter the scenario.

Attorney Nancy M. Eraca, Esq. can handle the following family law cases:

Divorce • Contested divorce • Uncontested divorce • Child custody • Child support • Grandparents rights • Relocation petitions • Restraining orders • Family Offenses • Defense of Abuse – Neglect Petitions

Divorce Attorney in Elmira, NY

Divorce Decree

Filing for divorce and the process that follows it can be complicated, even in uncontested divorces. That’s why Attorney Nancy M. Eraca, Esq. is committed to providing experienced and reliable legal representation in both contested and uncontested divorce cases. Not only will she offer personalized and compassionate service to help ease the stress of going through an emotionally tense situation, but she’ll also offer her 28 years of legal expertise to make sure you receive a fair outcome and division of assets.

Going through a divorce? Nancy can:

Help you navigate the filing process • Handle paperwork • Answer any questions about divorce laws in New York • Represent you in negotiations and court proceedings • Divide assets fairly • Negotiate alimony and child support • Work out a custody or visitation agreement • File a protective order to protect you from threatening or intimidating spouses

We offer an affordable flat fee for uncontested divorces!

Child Custody Attorney in Elmira, NY

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We’ve represented clients throughout Elmira, Elmira Heights, Horseheads, Watkins Glen, Corning and the surrounding area in hundreds of child custody and visitation cases throughout the past 28 years, so you can count on us to represent you and the best interests of your child in your custody or visitation hearing. We can answer any questions you have about the process and go over any factors—such as your medical and financial history, physical ability, your child’s wishes and more—that could determine who could get primary custody. We’ll fight for your case in court using our extensive knowledge of child custody laws in the state of New York and best legal practices to help you get the custody or visitation agreement that work best for you and your child. For a consultation in your divorce hearing, child custody or visitation agreement or other case relating to family law, call 607-737-2762.